Check out our brand new program featuring live music by Olga Show.

Floor LegendZ, an ensemble of professional artists, amazes audiences in Germany and all around the world with stunning action-packed performances.

The distinctive blend of spectacular acrobatics, various dance styles, including breath-taking breakdance acts, combined with their closeness to the audience and charming humour, all in the context of superb live music, is a truly unique experience.

The team, founded in 2007, has a longstanding experience and developed a proven expertise in various formats, whether it be theatre shows or entertainment and especially in street art.

What makes Floor LegendZ even more special is the flexibility to create tailor-made and innovative acts for clients, thanks to the large pool of top-class dancers, musicians and other artists that are part of the collaboration.

Now, Floor LegendZ is proud to announce that an own theatre production ‘Caution! Street Performers!’ has been launched to further promote this Entertainment Offering.

By joining forces with the award-winning musicians of Olgashow, Olga (classical violin with fx loops) and Marino Colina (drums), a new show has been created that is truly innovative and unique.

The team is very much at home anywhere where an audience can be found - in theatre halls, at festivals, private events, with or without stage, and of course in the middle pulsating everyday city life - in the streets!

No matter where, audiences are captivated by their infectious passion and energy.