The Team

Our International Members

Floor LegendZ consists of international dancers from all over the world. All have many years of experience in dance and performance. Each member can be booked individually or as a group for shows, workshops and modeling.

Nino Boehm

From: Germany
Artist Name: Air Nino
Dancing since: 2005
Dancing Type: Powermove/Acrobatic/Latin dance


Nino is a passionate dancer and gymnast.

Due to his attraction to especially hard moves, he has developed an energetic, spectacular style.

Being a street performer all around the world, Nino knows how to entertain.

He is also an experienced dance and gymnastics instructor, choreographer as well as event organizer.

Vanesco Boehm

From: Germany
Artist Name: The Real German Engine
Dancing since: 2002
Dancing Type: Allround


Vanesco started dancing in 2002. Soon after having attended classes of the former German breakdance champion Vsan, he began teaching others, participated in competitions and performed shows in different kind of events.

Since 2005 he also became committed with the organization of break dance events.

In 2007, Vanesco founded 'Floor LegendZ' together with his brother Nino.

Meanwhile Vanesco has developed a passion for various kinds of dances including Latin social dances.

Besides doing dancing, modelling and marketing jobs, Vanesco works as IT specialist.

Majed Mehyo

From: Syria
Artist Name: Spark
Dancing since: 2008
Dancing Type: All Style Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz


Rebecca Zergaw

From: Germany
Artist Name: Becci
Dancing since: -
Dancing Type: All Style Hip Hop, Latin, Dance Hall


Eric Glissant

From: France
Artist Name: Eric
Dancing since: 2002
Dancing Type: Acrobatic/Style/HipHop/Modern/Kizomba


Alvaro Silva

From: Venezuela
Artist Name: Bboy Pioli
Dancing since: 2002
Dancing Type: Powermove


Patrick Bäurer

From: Germany
Artist Name: Patrick
Dancing since: -
Dancing Type: Freestyle Soccer


Jonathan Ng

From: Australia
Artist Name: Jono
Dancing since: 2009
Dancing Type: Footwork/Power


Jonathan aka Giovanni, aka half Italian half Bruce Lee, started breakdancing in 2009, in Sydney Australia.

Since starting he has volunteered and taught workshops in various NGOs in Cambodia, schools in Europe, and in Australia.

Jonathan was born in Australia, however is of Italian/Chinese/Hungarian background. Being brought up around diverse cultural backgrounds, this inspired Jonathan to want to travel the world.

His style and character is playful and creative. He loves creating from different shapes and positions with his dance, which includes power, footwork, and freezes.

Sadik Mekouar

From: Morocco 
Artist Name: Bboy Bison
Dancing since: 1997
Dancing Type: Powermove


Bboy Bison based in Sydney but born and raised in Morocco is a professional breakdancer who has travelled the world performing in theatre productions, street shows and private events/functions, as well featuring in numerous dance competitions and commercials. 

His experience earned him the privelage of dancing with companies such as Notre Dame du Paris and Cirque Du Soleil to name a few.

Taimatariki Mihaere

From: New Zealand
Artist Name: Bboy Tai
Dancing since: 2011
Dancing Type: Footwork/Power


Arnold Nuss

From: Russia/Germany
Artist Name: Crazy Nut
Dancing since: 2006
Dancing Type: Powermove/Acrobatic/Style


Arnold aka Crazy Nut is an experienced dancer, model, and entertainer who was born in Siberia, Russia but raised in Germany.

Since starting dance in the streets of his hometown, he has become a professional street performer all around the world, as well as in different events and festivals.

His style is acrobatic, dynamic, and powerful. Powermoves and handstand balancing are some of his specialties.